Growth Equity - Outlook/Routes in

I am an associate working in VC/GE at a shop with a solid brand. Focused at Series A-C. Although I will likely see more A/B as market is less active currently at later stages.

Would like to work purely in growth (viewed here as B+). Hiring market is pretty dead right now, (with intense competition for any seats that come up), but in mid-term would like to transition into a more growth focused role.

Assuming a deal sheet more geared more toward A/B, but having spent time on cases at C and up, what can be done to best set me up for a growth role, and how do you see the chances of success and ability to get into a strong brand.

Some things I have considered: Applying to MBB roles as an experienced hire (which growth hire out of), or even back to TMT IB; MBA; lean in on a sector specialism and leverage this to shift into a more sector focused growth fund.   

Outlook on GE more broadly from anyone there?  


Do A/B and then spend 10-20% time sourcing / learning more of B+ firms. Make sure you don't get rusty in technicals and when market opens up (god knows when for growth but it will) you're set. Plus what you'll be doing will benefit your current shop in any case. I don't know why moving to MBB would make sense - you'll just need to explain more plus you're getting less relevant experience vs. your current gig

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In industry in similar shoes (Mostly A-B), people looking for laterals within growth is crazy one-sided with more candidates than spots. Current fund is recruiting and getting too many lateral growth candidates to count.

Feel like MBB is 99% the wrong move or at least not the most efficient if you are wanting growth investing. I’d hold current seat, try to get as many reps as you can in adjacent (I mean Series B today look a lot like Series C+ during 2021) and wait for market to open up. Just way more leverage coming from a fund vs MBB or MBA imo.


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