HELP me choose - FoHF, MM Lending, startup inv. firm, econ consulting

Hey all,

I'm considering part-time internships for my senior year, and could use your advice. I am an undergrad math and econ major at a non-target, with no real finance experience. I have a lot of business and research experience, including a gov. funded project to study systemic risk in financial systems at a national lab.

Long term, I am thinkin of career in asset management or PE, but I'm not sure and could do something else for a while. Care a lot about B-school and options/networking that come with that.

If you want more specifics, I can PM my resume. Feel free to ask many more questions here as well.

Which internship would you choose?

FoHF (AUM>$10B), research position. Mostly DD. May involve splitting time with the quant research team. Team seems to have placed very well into local target b-school

Startup investment firm focusing on valuations of 'social capital' (they had two interns this past summer, both from targets; I would be doing financial modeling for a big product they are hoping to release next spring). Spin-off of and located in same office with a small strategy consulting firm in that same area, seems very successful and attractive. unpaid position but very flexible hours

A boutique but rising econ/litigation consulting firm - probably a generalist internship role.

A mid-market lending firm, growing rapidly, in a business analyst position. Technically working with IT dept but very collaborative with front office. Working primarily with someone in top bschool

Your help is very much appreciated! I have no contacts and had little luck with local ibanks and the like, and this decision is making my hair fall out..

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