Meeting with principal at special sits fund - need advice

Hi monkeys, hope you are all having a good day and thanks for clicking and reading.

To keep it short, I'm a final year ug who worked as a SA in a MF last summer but did not convert. I have a lunch with a principal of a new special situations fund who has a background in VC - presumably the fund is focused on growth equity investments.

This guy is super smart and I look up to him in professionally (we have spoken and grabbed coffees a couple of times) - ideally would want to join the fund and work as an analyst after graduation. How do I position myself for this outcome and how do I actually go about 'converting' a lunch into an interview and potential analyst job offer?

Any book suggestions also welcome.


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Tell him you are interested in his work and want to do something similar and ask him if there are any opportunities to come aboard as an analyst after graduation.

It might sound too direct but it's not. When I was your age I was so nervous about asking directly and not just leading a horse to water so they'd suggest it. But these guys are direct so just ask if there's a process to coming on as an analyst. If the answer is yes, great. If it's no, ask him if there's any way he'd consider you as a new circumstance even if there's no formal recruiting pipeline (actually, feel this one out before asking). Anyway, super simple, just ask.

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Hi - thanks for the response. I've spoken to some friends about this and have had a mix. Some people say be direct and others suggest to be subtle. Difficult to navigate. 

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