Moving from startup strategy to RE post-MBA, advice?

Just accepted a position with a boutique REPE firm while I study for my MBA. I don’t have a ton of experience with the modeling within RE, but the position I will be in will be focused on cashflow/IRR modeling and some underwriting/valuation work.

My previous position was as a sr strategy analyst at a F500 bank supporting two startups in the automotive sphere so the transition is fairly big. My family runs a RE trust, but my exposure to it is limited to quarterly meetings that update statuses on holdings and it’s small ($30M AUM).

I want to expand my training on modeling cash flows in RE, and would like to continue into REPE post-MBA on the west coast. I will be working in the EU Nordic region (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo).

Any advice on how to prepare for the transition as well as how I could lever that into a post-grad position?

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