What am I doing wrong?

Hi, if you know who I am from this description, please don't share in this thread.


I am looking for Series A-D roles at top VC firms. At this point I'd even take Seed/A firms.

I am now at H/S and previously worked in tech growth buyouts.

I have a year of experience as an early business hire at one of the major AI model vendors (e.g., OpenAI, Anthropic, Midjourney).

I've written investment theses online that gained traction and I was able to angel invest behind them.

I've sent private theses to computer science PhDs and have emerging deal flow from that.


I'm reaching out to VCs to ask if they're hiring, at top VCs (e.g., Accel, GGV, Bond, Redpoint, NEA etc.).

For many of them, this was a year-later follow up email to a thesis + deals I sent them, which I invested behind.

I'm getting a 50% response rate but so far all but one have said "hey, thanks for your interest, but not hiring right now, but will keep you in mind".


I'm not sure what else to do. I've got A+ investing and operating experience, have showed proprietary deal flow, etc.


Not enough experience...?

I've written investment theses online that gained traction and I was able to angel invest behind them.

I've sent private theses to computer science PhDs and have emerging deal flow from that.

 Do more of this and try again in a year or two would be my suggestion. 

Most Helpful

Sorry to hear this - it's the worst hiring market now. A few questions to help calibrate: 

- Are you in your first or second year - can you do an internship?

- Is your "tech growth buyouts" fund well known/respected?

- What is your area of expertise? 

- What has your traction been like at second tier VCs or are you only experiencing difficulty with top ones? If so how many are you targetting?

- Are your classmates having better luck with the same firms? Could point to an individual vs market wide issue...

- Would you be open to later stage / growth equity instead of VC given your background? If not, why not?

- Have you been through any processes? Some should recruit on campus each year. If so, any feedback on why you were not taken through?

Honestly, I think you're doing all the right things and it sounds like you have the perfect background, besides being in VC beforehand, but in a very unlucky market. I would tap into your H/S network for a sense check on why they won't hire. It is probably not a you issue but likely they just cannot afford to hire right now...


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