Beginning of the End

Holy moley. Have you guys been looking at the markets today? Libya in turmoil, Saudi police firing on protesters (with the "day of rage" tomorrow), China doing badly, unemployment spiking, and Spain downgraded only days after Greece. It's like the perfect storm of suck. Add in a severe default of a US state's finances and we get a yahtzee triple word score bingo excrement hitting the rotary ventilator of epic proportions.

Is this the beginning of the end ladies and gentlemen?

I have my ammo, and guns stockpiled and also have access to several large pieces of land for water/food/shelter so I'm prepared. Question is: Are you?

I am a native Texas so dibs on hiding out with you. Only have kimber 1911 .45 so won't really add much value to you but i can be a great asset when a light hearted sidekick is homo.

  1. It's not the end of the world
  2. If it was, I'm ready
  3. Buy, buy buy buybuybuybuybuy
  4. Chaos is an opportunity, and usually doesn't stick around too long.
Get busy living
3. Buy, buy buy buybuybuybuybuy .

i cracked the biggest smile all day--what do you want to buy?

it already be bought :)
Get busy living

Talked to a guy in Atlanta yesterday that said it was raining so hard there it was like 'drinking from a fire hose' kinda funny

<span class=keyword_link><a href=/finance-dictionary/what-is-london-interbank-offer-rate-libor>LIBOR</a></span>:
plus, its raining here in nyc yuck!
If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford
Is this the beginning of the end ladies and gentlemen?

I can only hope... that it's the beginning of the end, in terms of big government.


Where’s Bernanke? QE is like Rocky movies – just when you thought you it was over… BAM. Rocky 7. Or QE 8. This is America. We synthesize bull runs.


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Get busy living

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