Charged with a FAKE ID (citation) and planning to work in banking

I am 20 years old, the other day i was arrested and cited with carrying a false ID. I am fighting it and plan to get it dropped and expunged. 

I am currently an Asset Management Intern at a bank that I would like a full time offer for and am worried about this crime of dishonesty. I have read just about every word of FDIC section 19 and since my crime is de minimis (minor). I do not need FDIC consent to work with a bank even though I was charged with a crime of dishonesty. 

My biggest question and concern is... even though the banks can legally hire me since my crime is a minor offense, will they be inclined to let me go?

I am confused bc I have seen online that banks like the FDIC final rule which loosens hiring restrictions because it bars less candidates from employment but I would also understand why they would not offer me the job. 

If this was confusing, please ask any question and i will clarify. 

the point of me posting this is: does anyone know of someone who was charged with a fake ID citation and was still able to be employed at a bank?

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marketMergerMaddie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

So long as the charge was an infraction and not criminal (i.e. a misdemeanor) you shouldn't have anything to worry about

Reason: All de minimis traffic incidents are forgiven. Some traffic violations are criminal (a misdemeanor) in nature but are generally not considered a worry by financial firms. Thusly, since some crimes can be overlooked, just about any infraction should be overlooked. 

vermagnus, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I appreciate the reply and yes it indeed was a summary citation offense, not even a misdemeanor. I am just really worried bc i am going in to my senior year in college and have an AM internship and am thinking that i have just ended my banking career before it even started

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You should be fine bro. Just curious, how were you even arrested for this? Did you show it to a cop or something

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vermagnus, what's your opinion? Comment below:

so this is the absolute stupidest story you will ever hear but it is exactly what happened. me and 3 other friends (4 of us) are headed back to another friends house after the bar. we are walking back and my one jackass friends picks up a cone and attempts to knock on our other friends door with it and shatters the fucking glass door. for some dumbass reason we all run and i ran into the back of the house and got in the house. im telling my friends in the house what just happned and notice about 10 cops outside the door. we go to the door they ask whats going on bc they got a call about a shattered door and everyone ran. I am standing behind the house owners as they speak to the cops and i see one of my friends that I was walking with (not the one who threw the cone) getting interrogated by cops so my dumbass goes out to tell the cops it wasnt him (i know i should never talk to cops, i fucked up) and next thing i know im in handcuffs. we are then asked for our ID as im in handcuffs and I accidentally pull out my fake and go to throw it back into my wallet and the cop grabbed it. (so i never attempted to hand it to him if that matters) but i was charged with fake id possession, underage drinking, and public drunkeness. all of them were summary citations, not misdemeanors. thats the story lol. i fucked up and cant stop reliving it and thinking about what could have been done differently.

AnonymousMonke2, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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