Internship expectations?

Good afternoon everyone! Quick question,

I am currently studying Finance and was wondering what is reasonable to expect from an internship in wealth management in terms of learning? I understand that it is financial advisory and I also wanted to know if being in an internship allows the students to learn more about trading or if there are cases where interns go on to do trading on their own?

Thank you!

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CiaranRomero, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Wealth management internships typically offer a great opportunity for students to learn about financial advisory services, including portfolio management, financial planning, and investment strategies. Depending on the firm and the specific internship program, interns may also have the chance to work with clients, attend meetings, and assist in various aspects of wealth management operations.

Regarding your question about trading, wealth management and trading are two different areas of finance, and most wealth management internships focus on the former rather than the latter. However, some firms may offer internships that provide exposure to trading desks or other trading-related activities, but it's not typically the main focus of a wealth management internship.

It's important to keep in mind that every internship is different, and what you will learn and be exposed to can vary greatly depending on the firm and the program. It's also important to clarify your expectations and goals with your internship supervisor or mentor to ensure that you are making the most of your experience.

Overall, a wealth management internship can provide valuable insights and experience in the finance industry, and it's a great opportunity to learn from professionals in the field.

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