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  • Analyst 2 in AM - Equities

Formerly in PB, left to join AM


- pretty good, 100/105/110 but they are changing up the promotion structure so its more of a 2/2/2 thing so expect that to change. Bonus is usually anywhere from 25%-40% of base performance dependent.


- purely dependent on who the senior people you cover are. Know some people who are enjoying it and others who hate it. In general, v open networking culture at JPM


- totally varies based on the workload, would say expect a 7:30-7 usually. 


- totally varies, plenty of people lateral to other parts of JPM like IB (you will lose a year), AM, etc. Plenty of people join family offices. PE is very very slim. Know a couple of people who did it into the LMM space, but they killed themselves to do it. 

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  • Incoming Analyst in AM - Equities

Interned there as a 2022 SA in the Investment Solutions side of the PB

PB is split into Advisors and Investment Solutions teams.

Advisors are the client-facing teams, who bring in clients, manage the relationships and decide what to include in a client's investment portfolio. There are various teams within the Advisors who focus on each aspect. Bankers focus on bringing in clients, Investors focus on maintaining and building client portfolios.

Investment Solutions is in essence the 'investment engine' of the PB, our teams provide investment solutions for clients' different needs. We have Portfolio Management teams who run their own discretionary funds, there's also Cross-Asset Trading (coming up with trade ideas for clients), Investment Strategy (sending everyone a variety of macro news to keep everyone up to speed and also communicates the PB's views). We also have a Manager Selection team which is actually more interesting than it sounds, it involves meeting top fund managers pretty much everyday and deciding if the fund would be a good investment option for clients. Lastly, there is the Alternatives team which invests in a broad array of private investments, sounds very exciting. 

These are the major teams in London. I know there are more in NYC. If anyone wants to chime in feel free!

In regards to the promoting structure, we have moved away from the 3-year Analyst stint.

Now it's 2/2/2, so 2Y Analyst, 2Y Junior Assoc, 2Y Senior Assoc. I'm not too sure why haha.

The culture was amazing (in London at least). Everyone was willing to grab a coffee. MDs, who were busy when I asked them, reached out to me a week later to chat. Often I'd have a nice spontaneous chat with those around me or go to other desks when I see they aren't busy, people were welcoming.

In London, I'd get in at around 8:00 AM, and leave around 18:30 (on average). Many get in at 8:30. Some start leaving at 17:00-17:30, and most start leaving by 18:00-19:00. Office is empty at 20:00

Exits really depend on your specific team. Investment Solutions have better exits to AM since they are more markets focussed. However, note that internal mobility at JPM is encouraged as they want to retain talent. There are people who move between Advisors and Solutions, as well as moving to other parts of the firm (AM,IB etc)

For EMEA SA 2022, there were 5 interns in Solutions, and probably 30 in Advisors. Solutions teams are usually only in major cities like LDN, NYC, HKG. Advisors are in way more cities like Paris, Geneva, Stockholm, Milan etc. There are way more advisors. 

Out of the 5 Solutions interns, we all received return offers. 6 of the 30 Advisors were in London, and 4 of them received return offers.

Hope this helped! Feel free to ask any follow-ups!! :D

  • Incoming Analyst in AM - Equities

Advisors are split into teams like the banker team, investor team, lending team, there are more but I can't remember.

The teams are divided by the clients they cover. I can't remember all of them but for example there would be bankers/investors covering private equity partners, others covering CEOs of fortune 500 companies etc

Speaker_Lynx, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I would argue that if you have any desire to seek any markets-oriented roles as an exit opportunity, it's better that you come from Solutions than the advisor side. There are significantly more technical skills that come from Solutions than the advisor side, and a lot of banker analysts who are more markets-driven realize this a few months in and suddenly want to switch to Solutions, which becomes much more difficult. It is easier to move from Solutions to the PB than from PB to Solutions bc of the learning curve.

  • Analyst 1 in AM - Equities

Are their rotational programs only open to people who just graduated with no work exp? The salary is insanely competitive…

Kkreme15, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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