PWM makes more money than people think at the junior level

I am currently working in PWM full time as a first year associate and I am bringing in $100k all in salary plus bonus. When I browsed this forum before many people said PWM pays $50k for first years, but I can attest this is not true at my firm. Our associates are pulling anywhere from 75-100k all in first year. I know other smaller wirehouse firms pay less than what I make, but if you're working at a BB/EB in WM, you will be paid very nicely as a first year. Not to take away from IB as I would love to work in IB and make $130k+, but for an easier entry and better work hours with the chance to become an advisor, PWM is a great field and I hope more people realize this going forward.

What are your hours like? Also what is the nature of your work? Is it more of cold calling and client relations or is it more on the portfolio and investment side?

I spoke to a ton of people in the PWM industry and it seems like it varies from company to company

Also if u dont mind, do u work at a bulge bank or trust company or RIA, etc…

Thanks sm, im a student thats looking to get into PWM one day

If you are in one of the notable PB's like JPM, Citi, GS this is just not true. Buddy literally cleared 300k purely on merit as an associate. Solid (not even top) producers at the MD level regularly clear well over 1.5mm+. Obviously you need to generate new revenue for the firm but that is with any higher level finance job. 

not sure where you get your bonus from. My buddy made 40k back when base was 85k but he was a top top analyst. 

If you are good at your job as an MD, you will easily pass the 800k mark. My friend told me his MD brought in almost 400 million a year in new money and was not the top 3-4 producing MDs in the office. 

I can attest. Didn’t make quite 100k, but currently working PWM at a fund company, just got past my 1 yr mark and brought in 86k + 6k bonus. 2 yrs out of uni. Highest earner VP on the team made $740k last year (all things considered with market performance etc..)

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