2016 - 2020 candidates shaking politics up

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I'll throw Trump supporters a bone and say while I think execution is lacking, Trump brought up all very good points during his 2016 run and currently as president. So we can agree that from an objective standpoint, border security, immigration reform, shitty trade, China, taxes, are all important topics that most candidates in 2016 wanted to dance around at best. The other candidates offered nothing where their balls were on the table and just said, "challenge me by coming up with something better".

In 2020, that is kind of happening again on the other side of the aisle. Democrats like Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, AOC (let's pretend that she's essentially running in spirit through Kamala, Bernie, Biden, and Warren), and even Shultz are coming up with new challenges that someone's going to have to show a better alternative to. Yang: UBI; Williamson: reparations; AOC: Green New Deal; Shultz: radical moderate.

Where do your views lie in terms of more earth shaking proposals running the political conversation? Where do you fall on the aforementioned ideas?

I think Yang seems the most temperate and prepared for the future as he sees it today. And Biden probably seems to have the most steady hand, although I think he'll inevitably fall beholden to the radical left wing party. And looking further at historical precedent shows Shultz is likely to be on the wrong track running as a third party candidate. Btw, Williamson seems much more genuine and intelligent when you listen to her views/story than if you were just to read them on paper.

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Mar 13, 2019