2019 Summer Plans

Out of curiosity, what are you ladies and gents doing this summer? Any exciting plans? I haven't had a single day off since I started with the exception of a funeral recently, and have been told that I can finally put some of that PTO to use once shit dies down during the dog days.

I myself and finalizing the plan for a trip to Barcelona (my favorite city) with three of my friends likely in June. I also want to hit at least one major EDM festival--my eyes are set on EDC Vegas (Coachella and Ultra Miami are a little too soon). Will likely hit Electric Zoo as well. This stuff will probably see me take one or two more days off, which brings me to my assumed acceptable limit. Burning Man (per my last post) is most certainly on my agenda but won't materialize for at least a couple of years. Other than that, I just wanna do more stuff around New England and the Northeast. Just meet lots of new people and just get out there and experience stuff. I'm really looking forward to the slower months and free-er weekends that I caught the tail end of when I started.

I know a lot of you will still be busting you asses at work or, even worse, interning, but regardless I waited almost a full year to have some fun away from work, so I'm amped. So, do any of you have some exciting plans? I'd love to hear, and hopefully get some ideas too. Thanks.