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Hello all,

I was recently contacted by a firm called ACT Commodities, which specializes in the niche environmental commodities trading space. They are a small Dutch-based firm trading a variety of environmental commodities, such as renewable energy, biofuels, etc. After talking to their HR staff, it sounds like the job is 80% sales (cold calling) and 20% trading. Sales commodities traders must find their own client base, including buyers & sellers, and execute their respective deals.

My current background is supporting Procurement/Operations for a large supermajor oil company, however I am interested in getting into trading by leveraging my oil & gas background. Would a company/role like this be a good starting place for entering commodities trading? Does anyone have any similar experiences or career moves?

Thanks in advance!

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Oct 24, 2018 - 6:07pm

Hey jogro778, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot and I'm here since nobody responded to your topic! Bummer...could just be unlucky but one of these topics will help shed some light:

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If we're lucky, the following pros may have something to say: vuannie @manzo.dave" Aldo-Claparols

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