advice for Goldman Sachs Finance - Treaury Superday - my first superday

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I just got invited to the finance, specifically treasury, superday at Goldman Sachs on Thursday. I assume since I got the invite so close to the superday, I wasn't a very competitive candidate and only got the spot because someone else dropped out. The superday is only going to last 2 hours, according to the email. Anyone have any experience with this? This is my first superday and I'm very nervous. What types of questions should I expect for finance-treasury at GS specifically? Any info would be appreciated.

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Dec 6, 2016

Who cares now, you got a chance to impress. Pull up a recent 10k and read about their liquidity and funding. If you really want to impress, look at new bond issues and issue price and say 5 year senior unsecured GS priced T+XXX relative to BAC 5 year priced T+XXX. The reason for this is because the markets perceives GS capital markets-focus franchise as inherently more risky that BAC's well-diversified revenue sources, etc. PM me if you need more info

Dec 6, 2016

thanks td12, I sent you a PM

Dec 6, 2016

thanks td12, I sent you a PM

I'm assuming you're familiar with a 10k and how/where to access it via Goldman's investor relations page. Do a control F search for "Funding Sources." This will give you a break down of how Goldman funds its balance sheet. So high level, it's a mix of collateralized financings, unsecured debt (bonds), and deposits. Nobody should expect you to know new bond issues and prices, so example above is probably too specific. But what you could say is something like, "I understand capital markets are inherently more volatile. Given Goldman's capital-markets focus and history of risk-taking culture, I would expect its bonds price wider than BAC, WFC, JPM, etc." The reason is the other US money center banks generally have more diversified, stable earnings businesses to mitigate the impact its volatile capital markets franchise.

Dec 19, 2016

Did you hear back from the superday ?

Dec 29, 2016

yep, i accepted the offer :)

Jan 18, 2017
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