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Hi, im currently writing to ask for advice/opinions on potential directions I could move from where I currently am in my career. I graduated about a year and a half ago with my bachelors in accounting and landed a job as a fund accountant in New Jersey. I took the job initially because I needed the experience, I am 25 (I was 23 when I got the job) and needed on the job experience. I am now trying to take what I have learned here and make a move to NYC for better salary opportunity and to find a company I can put the work in and long term grow and advance to higher positions. I just readmitted to go for my MBA as I thought it would help to make me more desirable to companies and get me in the door. However, I am currently pursuing my CPA exam as well. I signed up because I graduated in accounting and I was always told that the CPA is the key to making a lot of money if your in accounting. but I've began to find accounting the more boring side of numbers as opposed to finance. I graduated accounting with the knowledge that finance and accounting work closely so id have opportunity to possibly move from one to the other in the future. I've had friends from college that have graduated in accounting with me and have moved to financial analyst roles which I think would be something id be interested in.

My questions for anyone available to give valuable insight it would be greatly appreciated, are:

  1. With almost 2 years experience with fund accounting, what is the best next possible move, to stay in fund accounting and try to move up the ladder there? Ive read a lot about people not liking fund accounting which I am starting to see it as somewhat boring and also have heard there is not room for growth in the future as a fund accountant.
  2. To make the switch to finance? and use whatever knowledge I have towards a financial analyst role as it is somewhat closely related to the analysis I do daily as a fund accountant. Are financial analyst and fund accountant closely related ?
  3. Should I continue with the CPA and use that to drive me getting a better job, or drop that , pursue my masters and in the future my CFA? - Long term job stability/salary wise, which of these routes would benefit me more? CPA or Masters, CFA eventually

I also have the opportunity to get a job at Fidelity as a brokerage operations trainee which is kind of off the path of what I'm doing now but its at a great company to be at and is a foot in the door towards finance. However the pay is not great but the pay where I am isn't great either, but I feel like my knowledge and experience in fund accounting for 2 years might be able to get me a job paying more then Fidelity would because I have experience in fund accounting.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am in a cross roads and trying to make a decision to move forward and place myself in the right position to put the work in to eventually make the big bucks! Willing to put in the work and dedication but I don't want to waste my time doing it at the wrong place, or going the wrong route! Any suggestions are helpful!

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Jan 30, 2018

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