After dinner flowers?

What is appropriate on a dinner date - after dinner flowers? Asking for a friend.

I feel like before dinner flowers is too much (coming on too strong), especially roses. But, maybe carnations are ok after dinner? Keep them in the car to surprise after?

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Apr 7, 2021 - 7:14pm

Oh god is this the 19 year old girl you keep talking about?


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  • Analyst 3+ in RE - Comm
Apr 7, 2021 - 10:54pm

It's called a corsage and that "dinner" is a pre-prom gathering meal. Her friends will be there so act proper. Also make sure you look her father in the eye when you meet him and tell her mother how beautiful her daughter looks in her dress when she walks down the stairs.

  • Associate 3 in PE - LBOs
Apr 7, 2021 - 11:08pm

Generally speaking, skip the flowers for any dinner dates (and most other occasions to tell you the truth). 

I've brought flowers on very select occasions in the past - if I'd seen her a moderate number of times (like 4 or 5) but not seriously, I was picking her up, and we were going somewhere formal (charity event, etc.). Honestly, I still felt like it was a bit much, even though I enjoyed feeling suave for a moment. You want them to be fresh when she gets them, and you absolutely want her to be able to leave them behind at her place - carrying flowers around (or throwing them away) is a huge buzzkill. 

It's a nice touch if 1) you do it once, 2) she's into that kind of thing, 3) the circumstances are appropriate, 4) you two have a good rapport, and 5) you can do it without making it weird. I think most situations strike out based on these criteria, but I won't say never

Apr 8, 2021 - 9:00am

[Isaiah_53_5 💎🙌💎🙌💎] my man, I´m saying this with the utmost respect for your person: You should probably take a break from posting on WSO. Go hiking, watch the stars at night and pray for wisdom, it will be a great experience. And when you come back, please don´t clutter OFF with your manic phase posts again, mmkay?

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