Air Force Veteran to Non-Target?

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Hello, everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I have a year left of my AF commitment, totaling 6 years. By the time I finish, I would have acquired an associates in business at an Arizona CC with the original intent of transferring to U of A (non-target from what I understand) hoping to make it to a BB IB Analyst position.

Spending some time on this forum has left me with some questions: would it be worth it to go straight into an MBA program from a top school? Or do you think the Analyst experience is necessary? If so, would UofA cut it, or should I try to make it to an Ivy league/top tier school? My understanding is that Eller has a decent Wall Street program, but maybe you have a different perspective on that.

I intend to use my post 9/11 for all of my education, so money isn't a tremendous issue. I would just like to use it as efficiently as possible (since a public school like U of A is covered 100%). I also know that no matter which school I choose, internships are a must. Would transferring as a junior hurt my chances to enter into those internships?

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Jun 27, 2018