Alberta or Richard Ivey Transfer

Hi Guys,

- I just finished my second year at the University of Alberta B.Com program in Finance
- I also got accepted into Richard Ivey for the HBA program
- I have a 3.9 GPA in Alberta with an enormous amount of extracurricular activities, success in case competitions, and a good rapport with the Finance faculty (currently an RA for a Finance prof)
- I plan on getting into the PRIME program (for UofC students equivalency of CPMT)

The school's finance department has been gaining a lot of success lately with students placing in top tiers at RITC, 4th in North America at the CFA Global Investment Research Challenge, and more placements into big Canadian banks as well as JP Morgan than ever before (not nearly as many as Ivey obviously)

Now knowing this, is it worth it for me to go to Ivey? I know it's the most respected school and most recruiting from BB and Canadian banks goes towards Ivey but is the school alone enough to replace my status at the U of Alberta? I would never have even considered Alberta before but with so much here for me and the rising status of Alberta's program, I've become more unsure and would really appreciate any comments, suggestions, or thoughts you guys may have.

P.S: The reason I included so many facts about Alberta is because it is generally an unknown school for Finance and I figured the people who reply will already have more knowledge about Ivey.