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looks very good! i would probably consolidate the education sections, also for languages if you are still A1 i dont think i would include them.... but overall i think it looks really good! maybe you can change the formatting/style of the document and there could be improvements with the wording but im just splitting hairs here. if you want, PM me and i can send over a really nice CV/resume template


So three edits below, right now would call this resume a B+ you're likely going to get some interviews with hard work, to make it an A.. check below:

1. You say subsequently used to make investment decisions, try to make it one level deeper, What exactly did it lead to? Did it lead to a position in a stock? The bullet is great just need to push it over the edge to explain what exactly happened in the end... its like there is a cliff hanger there.
2. On the one month job? This one is a bit confusing not sure if it was some sort of short gig, also a numerical explanation of accomplishments would help similar to your ... Oh and btw there is no location on your fourth job experience at a consulting firm (Ding! Just playing sure you can fix it in 2 seconds)
3. Too many languages at the bottom. You're kind of feeding the reader a challenge, no need to come off as the Dos Equis Most Interesting man in the world. Stick with Fluent in French/English etc. Also lose the term "mother tongue" stick with "fluent, conversational" those two are about it for resume appearance.

Finally, on your interests section would capitalize Member of Student... etc. But thats just being nit picky.

Good luck out there brother

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