Anybody know how to place a tender offer for public company shares?

So I recently bought a book from Jeff Gramm who wrote Dear Chairman, it's an amazing collection of activist investors and how they managed to wrestle their way to board rooms in the USA.

What I'm really interested in knowing is how do these folks even get to that level.
This is me buying a share of Apple.
Scott trade app on computer -> drag and drop/click procedure

This is a heavy-hitter trying to shake up a board room
Acquire 10% of all outstanding shares (HOW! ?) -> get seat on board

Was wondering, how does one acquire 10% of all outstanding shares ? Please tell me it isnt by Scott Trade.

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Comments (3)

Sep 15, 2017

Likely a block trade on a non-competitive basis (off-market) via a prime broker. Although usually firms will stage in the blocks and not take it's entire position in one fell swoop, until they hit the point at which they have to file form 13-d (5% ownership) and it becomes public, or announce their intentions to the public beforehand.

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Sep 15, 2017

Banana to you Sir. Are you in IB ? Any idea where to read upon this (Amazon books )? You'd have to have serious funding commitment, legalese experts and a lot more I imagine right ?

So when someone is buying a block there has to be an equal amount of shares being sold on the other side of the trade right ? Do you think it's much easier to make a block trade of Apple stock than a block trade on a penny stock ?


Sep 15, 2017