Anyone have BIWS RE to share. I have to be up to speed on development and acquisition modeling by Tuesday and hope this could move the needle in helping me get over that hurdle. Cheers. Thanks.

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Unethical request.

Also, they have moneyback guarantee. So you can buy it and then get refund.

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OP, he has some free RE case studies online. Videos, models, etc for acquisitions and development:
There are also a lot of materials and links scattered around this forum.


To the person that dinged me - excuse the request. I just happened to get an opening to interview (from all the interminable legwork that have been doing) and kind of freaked out and need(ed) some skills help fast. Again, apologies to anyone offended. I will see what free materials i can utilize.


I didn't ding you but don't worry about it . You don't know until you ask. PM me if you have any specific questions. I'm no genius though.


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