In the article, "New iPhone Key Feature Is Its Price Tag," discusses whether the forecasted higher than the usual retail price of the future debuted 10th-anniversary iPhone will drive the overall profit to decrease or increase.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is betting that Apple consumers will accept the price jump in return for its foreseen revolutionary debuted features added on to the 10th-anniversary iPhone.

You can check out the top 20 features of the iPhone (8) here:

On the other hand, the RBC study suggests,

Many existing customers aren't willing to shell out $1,000, a result that shows the hoped-for revenue boost is not a given. Only 2% of those surveyed would pay $1,000 to $1,200 for a new phone...

However, recent studies suggest,

There is, in fact, significant pent-up demand for and excitement surrounding the next-generation iPhone, and those factors, combined with the replacement needs among the 700 million-plus iPhone installed base, should power a super cycle for Apple this fall.

All in all, there is no question that iPhone (8), which accounts for ~60% to ~69% of Apple's total revenue, will have an impact on Apple's share price.

I am optimistic about Apple's share price. I believe Apple iPhones sales have recently declined because many people are anticipating the iPhone 8 to come out this September in the yearly Apple Keynote event, thus are holding off on any recent iPhone purchases. Considering this and the 10th-anniversary iPhone's revolutionary new features, I am betting on an abnormal surge in iPhone (8) sales when the iPhone (8) does get released to the public. And as a result, this will allow Apple's share price to increase.

What are your thoughts, monkeys? Apple iPhone (8) gold or dust?

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I have an iPhone 6. Typically get a new iphone every two years because of carrier contract deals.

This time around, I'm not so sure. I'm waiting on the iPhone announcement to see if there is any technology that the rumors haven't covered yet, and if there is any tech that Samsung or any competitor doesn't already have. But let's face it, I'd say that the iPhone 4s was the last time that Apple was ahead of the curve on smartphones. Ever since then, they just release the same shit that everyone else has, but they release it 6 months later at 50% more expensive.

The only reason I've stuck with Apple is that when I lived with my parents (summers during college) we had an apple TV, we all had Macs, iPods, iPhones, etc. Totally sucked into the iDevice world. Now I'm out on my own and had to buy a smart tv, so now I no longer use an Apple TV. My mac finally became too slow for me, and since I'm on a PC for 8 hours a day at work, I decided to get a PC since that's what I got used to.

Now I'm almost free from apple, with the last device being my iPhone. I'm ready to upgrade and this time I realized that if I want to leave apple for good, I can. And unless this iphone has something that the world has never seen, I will leave. I'm pissed about the removal of the headphone jack. I'm pissed that I have to use god-awful apple maps on CarPlay (when waze is out for android auto). I hate apple's shitty charging port and even shittier charging cords, and that they have a mechanism to reject 3rd party cords. I hate that I'm stuck with the gigs of space that I initially purchase, and that the difference in price of a higher gig iPhone is more than the cost of an equivalent SD card.

Apple is going to come out tomorrow and show us their end to end screen, their proximity charging, and their denser PPI and they are going to pretend like they are visionaries. Oh, and all for only $1000. Unless they have some amazing trick up their sleeve, I'll be happy to break out of their monopoly and start saving my money elsewhere.

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Spot on about the iPhone 4S and the 6 month lag ever since. I'll always use apple products as the quality and aesthetics/integration (iMessage, Facetime-FT Audio shitting on normal call quality) are unmatched, plus, if you're part of the annual upgrade program you're never paying $1,000 for a phone. However, it has frustrated me that they no longer set the bar with new and innovative tech. we haven't seen before!

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8 hours a day at work


SB for quality meme.

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For someone who just needs a phone as a phone, email, social media, and a calendar the iphone is fine for me. I'm sucked into imessage as well and I think when you switch over you have to do something kind of funky with your contacts in regards to texting... unsure if that is still a thing.

Computer wise I hate my macbook. I got it for college and really wish I had a pc. I have a desktop PC at home that I use more than my macbook. Windows is a much better operating system then whatever the hell this apple system is called now "snow leopard Phoenix 69" or something.

Just my .02 will probably have an iphone forever, no more apple computers. I enjoy the simplicity of the phone and the computers just don't offer much value.

A key note here is that with carrier discounts the iphone isnt $1000. I think with upgrades I got my 6s for around $250? other phones are cheaper sure, but I like the iphone enough to justify $250.


The MacBook is the most no issue computer I've ever owned. It's not really good for business/finance. It's more of a creative workhorse. PC is definitely critical for any MS Office applications.

Lenovos are cheap, but it's not worth it. Those computers make me want to throw myself off a roof.

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The IPHONE X will DISRUPT the TECHNOLOGICAL ecosystem, and APPLE will become a MULTI-QUADRILLION dollar company. I'd bet my LIFE SAVINGS on it!


Andy is that you?


Everything that was rumored was delivered. Everything that was delivered was rumored. Even down to the price, the rumors were true. Color me unimpressed. looks like I'll be an android user by the end of the month


iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.... absolutely no change in design and a few internal upgrades here and there and wait... now has the wireless charging capability that Samsung picked up on 57 years ago. Time for a change. Who widdit?


I have a 6s currently so I'll probably pick up an 8 or 8 Plus. Don't really see the need for facial recognition and whatnot from a phone. Cool and all, but not worth twice the price.


Will be picking up the iPhone X when pre-orders open, upgrading from a 7+. The standard Apple PS/$ 1:1 hurts but on a monthly basis it's only PS13 more than the 8+.


Love how Apple rolls out a product with 2 year old tech and calls it revolutionary. Products are mediocre, but the fanboi's make me hate the Company all the more.

Literally cannot wait to ditch Apple products.

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At the risk of seeming out of touch, why does everyone have such a boner for fingerprint/iris/facial recognition? Imagine the resources sunk into that completely useless feature that could be put into something actually adding value. I read that they tested it to see if hollywood could confuse the program using masks as well. In what world is someone crafting a blockbuster level facial replica to read the cheesy messages i send my GF? Ironically, it seems like the majority of the content is completely unsecured anyway once it's on the cloud, which my current phone is forever bullying me into using.


While you may have distaste for the way Apple tries to get consumers excited about their products, at this point, it's clear the guts of the iPhone are miles ahead of what's in any Android phones. For several generations now, Apple SoCs have been much more powerful than contemporary "off the shelf" designs in Android phones, and I think even now the SoC in the 7 is only just getting caught up to. I'm sure the new one will be another 50% more powerful. Also, iOS needs about a third of the RAM because it doesn't run inside a virtual machine, which is frankly still a confusing design choice by Google. Also causes lots of problems. This doesn't even address all the specialized neural network & machine learning hardware that is unmatched by any other company's designs. Say what you will, Apple SoC design is king right now. And that's the most important part of the device. You can debate the OS, that's personal preference at this point, but the iPhone guts are superior. And Apple has set itself to keep it that way long into the future. Like it or not, the way they're going about designing the hardware + software to utilize machine learning, signal processing, neural networks & multithreaded performance is the way of the future. In addition, many of the APIs and how they work in iOS are simply superior to what Android offers, purely due to the fact that Android has to work on several thousand different devices, iOS only has to work on about 20 different devices at any given point in time, and they're all made by the same company. So, of course optimization is massively in Apple's favor...but it's a nontrivial point.

Is the X as "innovative" as I wish it was apart from that stuff? No, it's not. But smartphones are becoming a commodity. The average consumer can only get so much out of their phone. They already do pretty much everything the average person wants to do. What do you think the 10 most used apps are? Probably Messages, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mail, Music, a smattering of lightweight 3rd party apps. There's only so much "innovation" the average person can tap into and make use of. And they know that. And so does anyone who makes consumer hardware. The real innovation is inside, it's not really going to be in the interface or the way the user interacts with the device anymore. Hell, Android & iOS are converging feature set-wise now, and even the UIs are starting to gain similarities.

What the hell is so innovative about the Note 8? Or any other Android phone? Not much. No smartphone is really a "blockbuster" anymore. That's just the new normal...this market is well into its maturity phase. Time to accept that, for people in all camps.

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I agree, 100%. However, its the price that has myself and a lot of others annoyed.

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Price is a bit much, but, on the payment plan, it's more acceptable. The 8 is actually a pretty good deal, I'm not sure the full-face OLED screen and the few other details are worth it on the X for me...but it does look nice and if Apple has finally done an OLED phone properly, it will be a very nice piece of hardware.

One thing of note...DisplayMate, a company that literally only exists to calibrate displays and is a household name in professional circles, named the iPhone 7/7 Plus display as the best LCD display they've ever measured. That's pretty huge. OLED was always good for over-satured colors and nice contrast ratios, but they tended to be pretty inaccurate and a bit less durable. Also, their blacks and whites could be a bit weird. Hopefully Apple has managed to do away with all the negatives and has managed to reproduce the proper color accuracy, whites and longevity you'd get in a standard LCD panel. Best of both worlds. I have a feeling they have, as those were the reasons they hadn't done it until now. Many seem to let emotions get in the way and are under the impression that the richest company in the world couldn't just jam OLED panels in phones if they wanted....that's not how they do things.

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Let me play devil's advocate: why should I or the average smartphone user care about which phone has the superior processing power? Is there really that big of a difference in speed that I will notice it playing a simple game, browsing Facebook via the app, or checking my personal email? I am actually curious because I have never used anything other than an iPhone. To me, it seems like Android-based phones are always two steps ahead in terms of features that the average user actually uses (e.g. wireless charging several years ago).

I completely agree with your point on innovation, though. Smartphones have become appliances, and like with a dishwasher or refrigerator, there really is only so much that a company can innovate.


The huge increase in processing power will allow you to use it a lot longer. If all you do is basic smartphone tasks then the new 6 core processor with crush anything you do for years to come. It is on par with lower end laptops.


Like it or not, those "simple things you do with your phone" are going to demand more and more of your phone, even now using Facebook or Youtube is quite the load. In fact games are far from "simple" - games are probably the most resource-intensive application you can use on your phone. Processing power will factor heavily into that. Also, I know someone else below mentioned "lifespan" as a factor, which is a good point - but another metric to look at is battery life. The more powerful the processor is, the less hard it has to work to get stuff done.

I know this seems like a simplistic analogy but it's actually spot-on: Years ago, Top Gear took a Prius and drove it around their test track as fast as they could. Absolutely maxed out the lap times. Behind, they had someone in a BMW M3, at the time this was the V8 model which had particularly high fuel consumption. It just had to keep pace with the Prius, never exceed it. At the end of the test, they found the M3 had averaged a considerably higher MPG, because it simply wasn't working very hard...whereas the Prius was pushed way past its efficiency range and was sucking down fuel as fast as it could. Anytime you have energy involved, it's always better to have a system that has more headroom, because under the "average" usage case, it will have to work far less hard than a system that barely covers the usage cases. Modern processors scale to their workload very well, and this means more power efficiency. Also, few people do realize how often they are in fact demanding a lot from their phone, it's amazing what these things can do now.

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