Apple/Facebook vs. Google/Google+

Personally, I like all these companies. (aside from facebook becuase all it does is cause problems in my life while Zuckerberg whipes his hiney with hundreds....Its more a personal issue) but it is kinda evident where these companies are headed

Facebook has been strong lately but I think it could end up like myspace if it doesnt change to attract more users/returning users when google+ become available to the general public

Apple and Google keep dropping sick smart phones while RIMM continues to bend over. RIMM posted an anonymous letter from an employee on BoyGenius critical of the strategy, challenges, and opportunities lost with the company and calls for another CEO. RIMM said the will consider splitting its CEO and Chairmen roles, which doesn't address the issue of how they will be competing in the future.

Word on the street is Apple and Facebook have teamed up for special apps for Ipads and Iphones. Facebook is not launching project spartan and China wants to buy some facebook for some reason.

At the same time

Google is doing pretty good with phones. Google+ trial has been closed to the public because of such high demand. Google actually used the word "insane" to describe the initial demand and the 9 reasons to switch from facebook to google+ arent opinions of why it is better, they are facts.

More deals and apps to come? Google+ or Facebook? Google smartphones or Apple iphones?

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