So I'm a sophomore at a semi-target, economics major (Will change to finance next fall), involved in the school's investing club, social chair for a school org and have participated in a sort-of stock pitch competition. I'm looking for a summer and if possible spring internship this upcoming semester to prepare for Junior SA recruiting. I don't have any finance work experience.

I'm just wondering, should I keep applying and cold-emailing boutiques right now that I have a 3.5 and not a lot of technical skills, or wait two months and apply with a 4.0? My grades are really great right now and because I just transferred my GPA actually resets so I can actually get a 4, and if not at least pretty high. I'm self-studying so by January I'll have a good enough knowledge on excel and modeling.

Thank you.

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I'd wait for spring - most boutiques open to bringing on sophomore interns for the summer won't be looking right now anyways. Plus, with all the holidays coming up, it'll be pretty difficult to get anything set up. Just keep prepping and hit the ground running in the new year

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Thanks for the response.

Do you know if it's common for Boutiques to have interns during the spring? I'm guessing they've already got most of the spots filled up by this time but I'm just wondering


Reasonably common, but totally firm dependent. Could always propose interning part time during the school year and then transitioning to full time during the summer.


Yeah I interned at a boutique part-time during the spring. Just depends on the shop and if they're willing to do that arrangement, because it is tough to work out


Haha yeah I can imagine it's tough to arrange a schedule that doesn't conflict with classes..

If you don't mind me asking how much experience did you have before you got it? Because right now I'd be pretty good at interviews, telling my story and coming across as a normal, hardworking person but I've literally never worked anywhere else except retail and it seems like all my friends/people applying are so ahead of me in terms of their resume and overall stats


I had previous boutique IB experience


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