Asked for spreadsheet or something quantitative?

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I some how managed to get an interview with a RE PE firm after submitting my resume online. I think the interview went well, connected with the interviewer and what not. As the title states, I was asked to send something quantitative that I'm proud of...whether it be a spreadsheet or whatever.

I don't have any financial analysis experience or ever held any type of analyst role....which they clearly know based off my resume.


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Jun 10, 2019

I would just find a case study or offering memo for a deal online and put together a basic acquisition profroma. Make a pretty summary sheet that formats and prints well. Based on the fact you don't have any analyst experience I'd imagine they aren't looking for a fully-dynamic waterfall model... Check out adventuresincre if you need some model examples (probably goes without saying, but I wouldn't plagiarize anything)

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Jun 10, 2019