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can anyone help me. Researching about career path in asset management heading for a Portfolio manager position- but not that successful... Can you directly become a junior/assisting portfoliomanager or do you have to start in research (and for how long)?

What are the steps (compared to analyst, associate,...) and how long does it approx. take to go to jump to the next?



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Careers in AM are less structured than their IB counterparts. Its based around your performance more than it is about the years you've been around. The smaller the organization, the looser the structure.

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That said the typical ranking structure is :
Research Associate/Assistant -> Research Analyst -> Associate Portfolio Manager -> Portfolio Manager


what about pay? How long on average does it take to become a portfolio manager? What are some of the best/prestigious AM firms on the street? Are they BBs or other firms?


Asset Management is extremely varied. You could be working at a BB, hedge fund, mutual fund or university endowement. All are different. It makes more sense to ask about specific firms engaged in asset management than it does to ask about asset management as a whole.


In general, which are the long-only Asset Management houses that pay the most on the street (in terms of base and months of bonus) for an analyst role? The large stand-alone ones or those BB-linked ones?


Not sure. Bridgewater has a 100k base + 30 min bonus, last year anyway. Similar to other top hedge funds. I am not sure what BB internal funds will pay, I would assume it will be a bit lower - but I am sure it varies. Small hedge funds will pay less as well.


Let's assume something like GSAM. How much would that pay?


was actually enquiring on long-only mutual funds and not hedge funds. so which are the better paying long funds? any idea? thanks!


How does MSIM rank, salary and reputation-wise?


Among the BB-linked Asset Management houses, which are the ones that provide the best compensation for someone at the research analyst level?


There are always more questions then answers on this forum.... If anyone know os an active Aseet Management/portfolio management forum please let us know



can be instant, can take forever,
no set path
manage client portfolios = broker/advisor? = immediate
manage portfolios = pm = can take a while as you go through the different steps

If you specify what kind of clients you are talking about, I could be more helpful


Manage portfolio - P or F M - Warren Buffet


from what i read to become a PM you need atleast 7 -10yrs experience if not more.


mostly AM itself hires experienced, but if youre starting at AM,
then I guess you could move into HF, PE or even back to the sell-side someday.


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