At what point in FP&A (in New York City area) should you break $100K?

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Just curious as to the typical salary range for each "level" in an organization within the FP&A function.

At what point, bonus included or not, should you be approaching $100K annually?

What, in your opinion, is fair market value?


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Jul 5, 2016

Manager level. SFA level you can definitely hit it but Manager level you should be hitting that with base only in my opinion.

Jul 5, 2016
Eskimo Brothers:

Manager level. SFA level you can definitely hit it but Manager level you should be hitting that with base only in my opinion.

This is true in the Boston-area as well

Jul 11, 2016

depends on the industry but you should @ $100k at the manager level. Very possible at the SFA level but it is industry dependent and depends on experience.

Jul 11, 2016

Typically how many years does it take to reach manager level? And what if you were to lateral from banking? I'm looking to make the switch myself, have a little over 3 years as a Corp banking analyst.

Jul 18, 2016

Also interested. Currently beginning my 3rd year as corp banking analyst but exploring opportunities outside of banking.

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Jul 28, 2016

I did two years IB at a no name bank, did a year of corp strat, and transitioned into a corp finance manager (FP&A, corp dev, and strat) role at a small public tech company. This role is ideally what I wanted to be in, and I am not in a high cost of living city, and could potentially break 6 figures with bonus. I had interviewed with some similar roles that were more fp&a focused and they paid a base closer to 6 figures, but I really like the growth potential and size of the company I work at.

Jul 30, 2016

Salaries in NYC (rough ranges but YMMV)

FA - 55-75k (0-3 yrs) + 5-10% bonus
SFA - 75-95k (3-6 yrs) + 7-12% bonus
Manager - 95-130k (5-8yrs) + 10-15% bonus
Director - 120-160k (8 yrs+ or good b-school mba grad) + 15-20% bonus
AVP - 160k+ (at this point yrs of experience doesn't mean much) + 30-60% bonus
VP - 220k+ and 60-100+% bonus

Aug 1, 2016

Can second - currently a SFA at a NYC area tech company (two years out of undergrad) and am at the higher end of that range with base. All in pushes me into six figures.

Aug 1, 2016

Were you part of an FLDP? Do you think your income is adjusted for COL in NYC? I'm a month into my FLDP (F100 aerospace and defense company, currently in a low COL city) and am on the lower end of this range. I'd love to be pushing six figs in two years.

Aug 3, 2016

Anyone interested in further color, PM me.

Aug 1, 2016


Aug 2, 2016