Banker with M/B/B Interview looking for Interview Practice Partner in NYC

So, I've been, I like to think a fairly helpful resource for young aspiring bankers in the two years that I've been working at a BB and I'm hoping that the WSO community will be willing to give back a little bit.

I've been lucky enough to be have been granted a first round interview at B/B/M in upcoming weeks and am starting to get prepared now. I've done all the obvious things, talked to a few friends at the firm, read Case in Point, Ace the Case, done the online case etc - but now am hoping to find someone who might be willing to practice a few cases with me in person? I didn't go through them in college, so I'm pretty green, but I've heard from multiple sources that practicing in person is the key to doing well.

If anyone with experience in strategy consulting interviewing (either undergrad or MBA) or actual experience at a firm would be willing to spend an hour with me (I'm located in NYC), I'd happily buy you dinner/a drink, or offer you help in anyway that I might be able to (I realize I'm setting myself up for a distasteful joke here).

I feel like there are a ton of smart kids on this board who might be able to help and I'd so much rather go that route than the douche bag route of paying a prep firm to practice with me (though if people can speak to that being useful, I'm not averse to going that route either).

Thanks much and hopefully I'm not striking an awk tone with this post.

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May 29, 2010 - 1:21am

I'd check nearby Universities, too. There's bound to be kids (undergrad or MBA) that wouldn't mind some practice with a former IBer.

NYU, Columbia, etc

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Jun 2, 2010 - 1:19pm

I used to practice for an MBB interview. I was not all that impressed - they did the bait-and-switch to me: the person I talked to was not the actual author of the articles on the website. The person I spoke to was intelligent, but I don't think he had an actual consulting background himself. He used the practice cases from MBB websites, which I think he could have assumed the customer to be familiar with, but after offering 3 cases I was familiar with, he found one that I had not gone through. His analysis of the estimation question was a bit naive, IMHO. However, I did find his comments about the fit portion of the interview to be very helpful - he seems to have interviewed his fair share of candidates, though probably in banking. So if that would be helpful to you, try that. Or ask them to not bait-and-switch you.

Anyway I would be glad to help out, but I am not in NYC. Good luck!

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