Bentley vs. Northeastern MSF Programs

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My question regards the two programs in the title. I am currently a Bentley Undergraduate and have some reservations about the graduate programs. From my first hand experience, the graduate school is closing programs and isn't getting a great volume of applicants like the undergraduate school is, which indicates it might not be that great of a school.

I plan to work in Boston, and am leaning towards consulting. I was curious which program might offer first, a better education and second, better recruiting and networking opportunities in Boston (both generally and in consulting specifically). Cost is assumed to be fairly similar for both schools for me, so I would disregard cost as a consideration.

From what I can tell, aside from accounting, Bentley tends to have a rather mediocre name, even in Boston. So, hopefully you can confirm or deny my thoughts on Bentley and provide some insight into Northeastern's program.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Aug 22, 2019
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