Best Desks for Sell-Side Trader --> Buy-Side Macro PM

Hey guys,

So I will be interning at a well known MM bank within the S&T division this summer and am looking for some insight as to which desk would be the right fit for me. My long term goal is to become a buy-side PM and understand that the skills learned from Macro trading transfer over pretty well.

That being said, which of these options do you guys think is the best fit for me:
A. FX trading
B. Emerging Markets trading
C. US Interest Rate trading

Also on a side note, if someone could tell me how electronic disruption looks on each of these desks, that would be great as well. Thanks and all feedback is welcome.

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Mar 29, 2018


Dec 14, 2017

curious as well

Dec 15, 2018


Dec 15, 2018

any of these can be good stepping all depends on how you perform. i've seen people from all of these desks go to hedge funds as a go to the desk where you are most interested in the business

just google're welcome

Dec 15, 2018


Dec 15, 2018