Best moment for cold-emailing?

Hey there.

This may not be the perfect forum for this, but since this question is general - here is my situation. I'm Masters student from Europe, finishing at the end of June, spending my last semester as an exchange in Asia.

I have two Big 4 M&A internships and IBD Analyst role in boutique investment bank. Right after my graduation I want to start working in VC/Start-up in Singapore/HK/Berlin/London.

I have a solid Excel file with companies and direct e-mails - and now here is my question - when should I start e-mailing those guys about job opportunities? I'm not aiming only for a summer intern position, but also Analyst roles. Should I start sending my e-mails now? Or wait till it's closer to my graduation? What do you think?

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Mar 30, 2015 - 9:45am

The sooner the better.

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