Best way into a hedge fund?

ive heard er is a good stepping stone or ib since ib kind of opens up all doors possible. wondering if anyone has any good knowledge here on the most realistic way to get to a decent fund

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Feb 6, 2020

Google hedge funds in your area. Email and call 20-30 funds per day, everyday, until someone offers you the chance to interview. After that it's up to you to explain how you can add value. Effort and humility go a long way.

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  • Analyst 2 in CorpDev
Feb 7, 2020

Being smart enough to use the search function on a forum about hedge funds to review the answers to the other half dozen thread topics identical to this one is a start.

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Feb 8, 2020

@ Analyst 2 in CorpDev, couldn't have said it better myself. That and this crazy invention called the "google" where all sorts of crazy ass info is stored...

But since a self-starting/initiative-taking approach along with exceptional acumen/acuity for research and critical thinking/problem solving are essential to success in any HF investments role, sounds like there's a long hard learning curve up ahead lol

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Feb 10, 2020

see other response. good luck on getting a diploma!

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Feb 10, 2020

why do that when theres so many people like you willing to take time out of their days to comment on random internet forums? ;)

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Feb 10, 2020

Walking through the door is usually the best way. If windows are open it can be a suitable second option.

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Feb 10, 2020

Step 1) Procure brick
Step 2) Throw brick into a window pane of a hedgefund
Step 3) Climb in throw window

Congrats, you are into a hedge fund

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Feb 13, 2020

Ok I just spit out my food, this is hilarious

Feb 14, 2020