Big 4 tech consulting or Credit Rating Agency (structured products) for future MBA?

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I'm a senior at a state school with a decent reputation. I have a 3.6 GPA in accounting and management information systems. My previous internship experience is in back office strategy at GS and at a large Fortune 500 company. I currently have offers from a big 4 and a CRA.

At the Big 4 I'll be doing tech consulting for financial services firms. CRA will have me performing research on structured products.

I like the CRA better as I believe it has better exit opps in banking/equity research and could position me better for an MBA. It's also something I believe I'll enjoy more. Big 4 on the other hand pays $10k more and comes with internal mobility and exit opps as well. the Big 4 has more name recognition, but the job just doesn't interest me. I need the money, and that 10 k makes a huge difference.

If I'm targeting top 10-20 b-schools will they favor one job/company over the other? I would like to do consulting or equity research eventually. Both involve advising clients and also come with a good amount of quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. Big 4 might set me up for consulting in the future after b-school, and Moody's would be good enough for equity research/structure products banking without b-school I think.

Can anyone help me out with what b-schools would like to see more, or what steps I should take when I am at those specific firms?

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Mar 19, 2015


IT consulting is not going to "set you up" for consulting in the future, at all (it is completely irrelevant and looked down upon).

Moody's is a much better brand, will give you financial skills, maybe some interesting industry experience as well (usually they place analysts into industry groups, not sure if structured products are different).

Mar 21, 2015

I don't have personal experience with this, but I know of at least one person who went from a credit PE fund to ER with no MBA in between, after doing undergrad at a semi-target with a non-finance major.

Apr 3, 2015