Bocconi MSc Finance or Edhec MiM Financial Economics

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Hi everybody,
I am an Italian student and I have to decide where to attend my postgraduate studies.
Goals: IB/M&A in the city, in Paris or in the US.
I have been accepted to the MiM FE at Edhec but I am still waiting Bocconi's answer for the MSc Finance.
What can you tell about how these 2 universities place in the job market?

Thank you.

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Mar 25, 2018

A complete no-brainer, Bocconi wins hands down

Mar 25, 2018

Bocconi all the way

Mar 25, 2018

Thank you all.
However, I have to consider that:
1) The deadline for the payment for Edhec is on 4/10 but Bocconi will give me the final answer on 5/7.
2) I have never studied abroad and Bocconi will be again in Milan, where I have already studied.

What do you think about those 2 "problems"?

Mar 25, 2018

What do you think are your odds of being admitted at Bocconi? Selection for Italian applicants is extremely competitive as you already know.

If your grades are excellent, GMAT >650, solid cv, then I'd rather wait for Bocconi than go to Edhec

P.s. You can go on exchange during your master, so I wouldn't care about international exposure when deciding. EDHEC is nowhere near Bocconi.

May 9, 2018