Boston S&T vs. San Francisco S&T

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Hey everyone,

I recently got the opportunity to decide between either Boston or San Francisco for a summer analyst program at a large bulge bracket (think GS, MS, JPM) next year. The division would be Sales and Trading (I would want to be on the sales side).
Which city offers more opportunities / has more quality clients and workflow / has a better rep for S&T? Also, which would be best to potentially switch to NYC for FT?

Thanks in advance!

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Jun 17, 2018

If you're trying to get into the NYC office, probably Boston. Most regional managers in S&T understand summer analysts & analysts often want to work out of NYC but to land on a solid desk you need to network which is more easily done in Boston where people from NYC visit more often or you could take a day or two to travel down to NYC and meet other desks.

Also you probably know this already but S&T in SF means getting into the office by 4:30am at the latest. While you do get out by 3pm and see the sun, the early mornings can be tough

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Jun 17, 2018


Jun 21, 2018


Jun 23, 2018

can someone talk about sf s and t? my family lives in sf

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Jun 28, 2018

just google're welcome

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