Boutique Consulting Internship to MBB full-time (or other top firms)

Currently interning at a boutique, but still well known healthcare consulting firm, looking to transition to MBB or top firm and away from life science focused firms. Current undergrad at target school and have an extremely competitive GPA (3.9+).

Was wondering about how best to transition to these firms from a life sciences strategy consulting role, as well as any insights in navigating the recruiting/interview process (aside from just practicing personal and case interview questions)? Should I network heavily, or any particular way I should approach selling my "story"

Also was wondering out of curiosity how big the first-year analyst class sizes are at these firms compared to their intern class size. That is, how much more competitive is the process would people say it is (or if it is less so)?

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Jul 24, 2018

Since you're still just interning you won't be seen as a life science expert who has dedicated a large portion of your career to it. Best way to go about it is just apply and network as normal and explain you learned a lot in healthcare but are curious about other areas hence why you wan't to pursue a generalist role. Alternatively, apply to healthcare strong firms that also do others things and pivot internally (which many will allow you to do and may be easier) e.g. LEK or Charles River Associates

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Jul 24, 2018
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