What is the general opinion of boutique research shops vs. BB EQ shops?

Didn't have much luck with the big banks on EQ Research, and I'm wondering how a place like TAG is viewed by the industry? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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As has been discussed before, the name of the shop doesn't really matter. The analyst you end up working for is what matters.

So if you work at MS and no one has heard of your analyst, you are worse off than if you were at XYZ boutique working for an II ranked analyst.

I don't know what TAG is. Never heard of it.

Smokey, this is not 'Nam, this is bowling. There are rules.


Thanks for the responses, TAG is Telsey Advisory Group, they focus on the consumer industry.


Agree with Roar. The only people that have ever heard of where I worked are the guys at MS, WF, RBC, UBS, etc. That use our services. That might seem shitty but there are some massively heavy hitters that call our office fairly regularly

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Telsey is a very well known and respected analyst


Dana Telsey is well respected in the industry. She's almost Rain Man-esque in her ability to talk about everything retail (if you ever had a meeting with her, you know what I'm talking about).

Roar is right in that the analyst you work for matters most, but I will add that more and more of our research dollars are being spent on non-BB firms. Part of the issue is more and more top analysts are bolting to start their own shops, so we follow them to their new firms.


Which seems to make sense, especially if the banks can't compensate them accordingly.

So barring the BB, it looks like I have to sift through individual analysts setting up shingles throughout NYC?

This is getting as bad as putting together a list of non-namebrand AM firms.


A lot of interest in research lately, that is good.

The most important thing is your analyst and how well you get along with him. A BB could provide some more exit opportunities but that is it. If you work for II ranked analyst then you are set, that is something you definitely list on your resume "Worked on II #1 ranked O&G team" >"Worked for GSIR"....

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