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Hello Fellow Monkeys,

I was hoping for some input for breaking into corporate strategy. I am a Jan 2013 graduate in Political Science (3.52 GPA) from Penn State.

Specifically, which between the Master of Science in Finance or Master in Management would serve me better in breaking into corporate strategy. I am hoping to apply into those FLDP programs (more business development functions than finance) that most F200's have and use that as a path to get into corporate strategy.

In a nutshell. my experiences are the following:
6 months corporate communications internship for a large international O&G company (shell/bp/halliburton) [post graduation]
3 months marketing internship for a five star airline company
3 months planning department engineering internship for an O&G construction contractor

Various leadership positions (vice-president of the international student organisation at branch campus, vice-captain of my national cricket team, wrote articles for campus newspaper etc). Some fellowships and research assistant positions.

My personal skill-set, abilities and personality lean towards MiM but I am inclined to do the MSF because of the hard, technical skills a finance degree will give me (in comparison to the MiM); least that is something I can advertise in case the FLDP route doesn't work out. Would you agree?

Also, if I can't get break into corporate strategy through these FLDP programs, I am also open to the idea of B-school using the F500 experience in 3 years time, and then to get into corporate strategy after that.

At this point, my main concern is which between the MiM and MSF would help me get into FLDP's focusing more on business development than corp fin.

I'd be grateful to any input, insights and advice you guys might have. Thank you!

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Jan 8, 2014

So, to make sure I understand correctly, the point of view is that your poli sci degree will keep you out of these FLDP programs as you currently stand? Did you participate in any OC recruiting for these types of roles during undergrad?

Jan 8, 2014

I didn't participate in any OC recruiting for several reasons chiefly my being an international student and these programs requiring work authorisation/companies not willing to sponsor h1b. I should add though that I never officially got rejected so perhaps they might have been willing if they felt I was a good enough candidate, but I never participated in OCR to find out.

I don't think the poli sci degree is precluding me, but I am not in the US at the moment and it's incredibly difficult/near impossible to land any job from outside of the US. So, I am using the MSF/MiM as a way to not only get business/finance creds on paper but also be "on the ground" in the US to network/OCR into an FLDP program.

Furthermore, I anticipate work authorisation to not be an issue for me in 18 months time when I would finish an MSF or MiM.

Hope that clarifies things a bit better. Thank you for taking the time to ask - looking forward to your thoughts now.

Jan 8, 2014

Check out the UVA Master in Commerce Marketing Track.

Jan 8, 2014

They don't allow students who graduated before August 2013 (I graduated Jan 2013) to apply for their 2014 intake. Would've been a great fit otherwise.

Jan 8, 2014

As far as I know, that's not a hard rule. You should e-mail adcom and find out.

Jan 8, 2014