Buy-side advisory vs. sell-side advisory

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All - I just received two offers from investment banks in a major city on the East Coast (think NY, DC, Boston). Both firms have great deal flow and comp from both of them is very competitive. The type of M&A advisory is very different though. One specializes in only buy-side M&A while the other firm does 80% sell-side M&A and capital raises, each within tech. Both are really good shops so I'm less worried about deal flow but what are the pro's and con's to type of M&A advisory? I'm thinking in terms of tangible skill sets gained, exit ops if I want to make a change, and type of meaningful work.

For context, I am lateraling from a sell-side boutique bank.

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Nov 27, 2018

There are pros and cons. You could argue that sell-side advisory has more deal certainty, but you will almost certainly be working on more meaningful analyses with buyside work. You will be creating a lot of CIM's and making descriptive graphs working sell-side. Up to you which you think is more useful at the end of the day.

Nov 28, 2018