Cambridge MPhil Management vs LSE MSc Finance - 2019/2020

Hey everyone, been a long time reader of the WSO forums but posting for the first time.

I've recently been offered a place in the MPhil Management programme at Cambridge and the MSc Finance programme at LSE. I'd like to hear your opinions on which programme would be better for consulting recruitment.

A little bit of background about myself
- Currently doing an engineering degree at a top 5 uni in the UK - on track for a 1st
- Have internships in VC and a fintech scale-up under my belt
- Joining a tier 2 strategy consulting house in the summer for an internship

Some concerns and considerations

MPhil Management at Cambridge
* Cambridge is a big brand name (Tier 1).
* But the management programme isn't well known. Programme within Judge Business School, hence not as prestigious.
* Not many alumni who went into consulting (from the programme).
* A lot of overlap with MBA course in the curriculum hence may hurt my prospects while applying to MBA programmes in the future.

MSc Finance at LSE
* LSE is a great university, but second to Oxbridge.
* MSc Finance is one of the most prestigious and recognised programmes at LSE.
* Great prospects for Investment Banking careers, however, do not know whether MBB recognise this programme as much as JPM, GS and MS (Although the course website page does mention McK and BCG as employers who recruit 'heavily' from the programme).
* Heavier focus on careers - department provides more support to students for interviews, regular alumni events and networking events held exclusively for MSc Finance students.
* Better faculty and better teaching.

I have heard from first-hand sources that MBB do not look favourably on either of the two aforementioned courses, but want to verify this.

Please feel free to call bullshit on any of the points I have mentioned above, they are pre-conceived notions I have developed from my experience, online research, speaking with peers etc.

Thank you!

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