Can a career in Finance avoid stepping foot in Singapore? (Military Service)

**Have you ever had to go to Singapore for work? ** Can a career in finance avoid Singapore? I am currently based in Hong Kong with no connection to Singapore save for a citizenship that I took up at a young age. Military service is 2 years in a foreign country, and I hope to go to university to be financially independent as soon as possible + other personal reasons.

However, I wouldn't be able to land in Singapore (or even transit). My only concern is that a front-office career in finance would require me to travel there for a meeting or something.

Do any of you have personal experience: have you ever had to go to Singapore for work? How does that differ working in the US/UK/HK/other markets?

What would be the consequences of not being able to travel to Singapore?

And, I suppose it would be reassuring to hear: Have any of you not had to travel to Singapore, ever?

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