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Hello everyone. I've been browsing this website for a few months now, reading a lot but never posting. In the next 3-9 months I"m looking at switching up jobs and trying to find something that fits me a little better.

About me: Three years out of undergrad, finished my Masters in Accounting a year ago and have my CPA.

For the past year I have been working at a good sized investment firm (20+ B in AUM) as primarily an accountant, but also some finance elements in my job. I work closely with analysts, associates and PMs. We had a variety of investment products, but hedge funds and high yield fixed income is our primary focus and what I am most familiar with on a "non-accounting" level. Work with hedging instruments and FX cash as well.

I've decided that accounting probably isn't my future, but really enjoy the trading and investment side of our business. Unfortunately with my current employer, I would have to make a geographic move to join the trading side and that's out of the question right now for me.

Right now I'm looking at a few different options.... potentially as an investment analyst for a smaller investment firm here in Fort Worth, maybe look into private equity (there are a few of them in FW), but also potentially interested in the Shell trader development program in Houston, or another O&G trading job. Investment banking has kind of been put on the back burner... 80-100 weeks won't really work for me.

So, basically, what career advice can you give? What's a good route to trading? Any good options I should be looking at? In general, or specific to Fort Worth, DFW or Houston?

Preferably I would find something that is a trader development program for a fixed income strategy, but I haven't had much luck finding anything.

Thanks in advance

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Aug 17, 2014

The Shell TDP is ridiculously competitive. You're not going to get it unless you are dead set on it. Same goes for any trading job to be honest.

Trader Development Programs for fixed income trading are called S&T analyst programs at investment banks.

Given your background, if you're really interested in O&G, you could try joining a smaller E&P firm or refinery which has some logistics capacity. That could be a first step to networking towards are biz dev/trading role.

Aug 17, 2014

IB, O&G and FI trading are across the gamut of professions, and in some regards have very little in common.

Is there any particular industry/sector you enjoy more?

Aug 20, 2014

Thanks for the info... is the Shell program competitive to get into or competitive once you are in it?

Fixed income trading is probably what I'm most interested in and have at least some applicable exposure to... I work with FI portfolio managers,associates and analysts most every day... About $4b is my area, so not small numbers. I would just like to get to where I can move into the trading path instead of primarily back office work

Aug 21, 2014

Thanks for the info... is the Shell program competitive to get into or competitive once you are in it?

Both. What, you thought you were the only person in the world who wants to trade oil?

Aug 21, 2014