Case Interview Practice via Skype: Looking for Partners

I just finished undergrad in Europe and have a couple interviews lined up with top consulting firms this month. I've thoroughly read through CIP, watched Victor Cheng's online videos, and listened to LOMS extensively. I've practiced with 20+ cases from old HBS and Sloan casebooks (this includes examples of cases from all of MBB) and have done a couple cases via Prep Lounge. Also, I've given 20+ case interviews (as the interviewer) for a student-run consultancy.

Send me a PM, or leave a comment if you'd be up for practicing via Skype.

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Jun 19, 2014

Not enough banana points. Interested, can you ping me on Skype, sydney8885. Thanks

Jun 29, 2014 is a good site to find case study interview partners.

Jun 30, 2014

Thanks, Kerchak. I already mentioned that I've done practice on Prep Lounge. It's definitely a great resource, though it's not really brought up a lot on this site for some reason. By the time my free trial ran out, I built a pretty good network of practice partners to practice with via Skype. Had an interview with a top firm last Friday and just secured an internship with them largely due to all the practice.

Nov 13, 2014

Hey there, I have interview with Strategy& next Tue and also looking for someone to practice cases with. Don't have enough banana points to pm you but if interested, you can find me on Skype with noorahaapa1. Would be great to get to interview someone, from Cheng's videos seems to be really good practise.

Nov 13, 2014