CB exit to SAAS sales

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Alright, I have been working in CRE/C&I lending for about six years. Started as an analyst worked my way to RM about 5 months ago. Pay is fine about 80K-95K a year post bonus. A former employer approached me with an opportunity in SAAs sales. The base would be 80K with total year-end earnings of 125k. There is a quota of 30K in sales revenue a month. The company looks to be fresh and exciting. It is a FinTech of sorts, fraud prevention.

I wanted to see what the world thought of a switch from commercial banking to SAaS sales.

Pros? Cons? Exit from saas? Will I be able to get back into banking? Lending?

Thank you!

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Dec 25, 2018

If I were to do anything outside of finance it'd be enterprise tech sales. The earning potential is really there from what I've read/heard from people in the industry.

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Dec 27, 2018