CFA L3 + BIG4 Corporate Finance Experience + LSE MSc Finance = UK Work Permit?

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"Hi guys, I am planning to apply for MSc Finance at LSE for 2019/2020. I am wondering how high are my chances of getting a job at IB (preferably Equity Research) with Visa Sponsorship (I am a non-EU national) given that:
1. By 2019 I will hopefully pass all 3 Levels of CFA (I will sit L2 in June 2018)
2. I have a 1st Class Undergrad from a top 20 UK Univeristy
3. By 2019 I will have 2 years of experience (1 yr in Big4 Audit and 1 yr in Big4 Corporate Finance)

The critical bit is that I do not have a UK work permit, and what I want evaluate is how likely are my credentials to help me to get one"

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Apr 5, 2018