CFA Level 1 Books

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Hello to all,

I am wondering if I could use a 2014 cfa textbooks for Dec 2018 exam or should I get another set? I'm thinking of saving the money if I can just use the 2014 books. I will appreciate your comments!

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Jan 10, 2018

There are many minor changes made between 2018 and 2014 version so you may not be familiar with some of the questions you encounter in the 2018 exam, though there won't be many.

Why not just use the digital copy? Or you just prefer the tactile feeling of a physical textbook?

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Jan 11, 2018

Yup! I just prefer holding a real textbook. I guess I'll just go and get another set, eh?

Jan 11, 2018


Jan 11, 2018


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Jan 11, 2018

I'm looking for Schweser FRM material

Jan 11, 2018

PM me. Username: Knowledge Kick

Jan 11, 2018

I got t contact me
2012 Schweser CFA Level 1 Study Package

1) 2012 Schweser Videos
2) 2012 Schweser Study Notes (0 - 5)
3) 2012 Schweser Qbank
4) 2012 Schweser Quick Sheet
5) 2012 Schweser Practice Exams
6) 2012 Schweser workbooks
7) 2012 CFA Curriculum 1-6
8) 2012 CFA Formula Sheet

After the deal we'll send 2012 Allen Resources as a free gift

Those are eBooks in pdf format (not Paperback or hard copies)


2011 L1 Schweser Study Notes
2011 L1 Schweser Quick Sheet
2011 L1 Schweser Practice Exams 1 and 2
2011 L1 Schweser Qbank
2011 L1 Schweser Secret Sauce
2011 L1 Schweser MOCK Exams
2011 L1 Schweser Sample Exams
CFA L1 Schweser AUDIO Series

Those are eBooks in pdf format

[email protected]


I bought this yesterday ,it's very reasonable and worth
great transaction
Thank you

Jan 11, 2018

This isn't craigslist or ebay.

Jan 11, 2018

PM if you still haven't gotten the files.

Jan 11, 2018