Chances for HBS 2+2 and Stanford: Low GPA (3.4), High GMAT (780)

Hey guys,

I've come today for a reality check. Just wanted to get some perspectives at my chances at breaking into these schools and whether I should shoot for the moon.

Dream is to end up in Silicon Valley in some management capacity so HBS / Stanford would be the fastest track. Two plans right now:
- Plan A (the realist): apply for MiM programmes in LBS / LSE, take some certifications to buff up my quant background like the CFA, brush up my final GPA to something respectable like 3.7+. Secure internships at more globally reputable firms in consulting / IB. Then either apply for HBS/Stanford deferred at that point, or spend two years in consulting / IB and apply for them directly, and include schools like Chicago, Kellogg, Tuck, MIT in my list.
- Plan B (the dreamer): apply for HBS / Stanford right now.

So. People. What are my chances? Come at me!

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Comments (6)

Jan 6, 2018

"Students enrolled in PhD programs, law school or medical school are not eligible for 2+2"

Jan 6, 2018

I believe law education works differently in the UK and they don't have graduate law school the same as the US.

OP is in an undergrad "law program" but not in law school so they should still be eligible for 2+2.

Best Response
Jan 6, 2018

Coming from a non-target with a low GPA I don't see what makes you competitive for 2+2. This program is really designed for locking in very blue chip candidates (i.e. HYPS with 3.9 GPA with internships at top firms, etc). Professional experience is a big component for business school applications and they need to feel 100% comfortable that you're going to get the right sort of experience before coming back for school. Additionally, 2 years of experience is extremely unusual anyways.

With your background, your application for top MBA programs will probably come down to your work experience. The 780 GMAT is a good thing, but it's not enough to get you in on its own. You're clearly not a blue chip candidate. I wouldn't even bother applying at this point for you.

Also, with a MiM, you're still probably looking at needing 3-4 years of WE before getting into a top MBA program. Just a heads up. You just don't bring a lot of value with only 2 years of experience. Plus, it definitely affects recruiting. Some top firms are less willing to hire someone with only 2 years of WE at a rate essentially double what the can pay post undergrads with 2 years of WE - there are a lot of reasons that ~3-4 years is accelerated and ~4-6 years the normal path for business school. Even stellar candidates who do 2+2 type programs often defer for an extra year so they have 3 years of WE while in business school.

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Jan 11, 2018

hi eternal optimist,

I'm not optimistic about your chances because of your GPA. Your GMAT and experience sounds good, but for these programs everything has to line up.

At the same time, if you can maintain/raise your GPA and apply, doing so will not harm your chances if you are unsuccessful now and need to apply again in several years. If you can't maintain/raise your GPA and submit strong applications, then Plan A is the way to go.

Linda Abraham
President, Accepted | Contact Me | Admissions Consulting

Jan 9, 2018

@Linda Abraham @BreakingOutOfPWM

Thanks for the perspective guys. Looks like I'll focus on the MiM route for now and work on my GPA / building my WE!

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Jan 11, 2018