Chances for these B-Schools (how many b-schools to apply to?)

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UK National
Undergraduate: NYU Stern (3.7 GPA)
GMAT: 730
age: 26
work experience: 2 years as an analyst (didn't work from 22-24 for reasons I don't really want to get into on here)

I plan on applying to (in order of preference):
1. Stanford
2. Harvard
3. UPenn
5. LBS
6. Haas

what are my chances of getting into each B-School? I know my GMAT is competitive but do I need more work experience?

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Jan 21, 2012

This isn't nearly enough information for anyone to give you a good answer. To be honest, not even with a ton of information will anyone be able to give you a good answer on this.

A few things that you didn't include:
1) GMAT Q/V split
2) analyst? Where? What industry? What level (i.e. BB, MM, etc)?
3) Ok you didn't work for 2 years, that will need to be explained, without knowing what happened no one knows if it is reasonable or not
4) Leadership?
5) EC's?
6) Job growth? Responsibility? Top rated?

Even with that I don't know your essays (obviously) or letters of recommendation (again obviously).

And like I said before, very difficult for people to give you a good answer to this question. Your scores are in line with top schools, that's about as much information as I have, maybe others will be more helpful.

Mar 16, 2015

Having just gone through the process, I will give a quick 2 cents. I agree with theATL that more info is needed. Really you're asking of your scores are high enough for those schools, since that's all we really know about. Obviously they are. But GMAT is not a differentiating factor AT ALL at H/S/W (not sure about INSEAD/Haas as I did not look into their programs much). Nearly everyone applying is over 700. Check on the charts in the application threads on poets&quants to see how many get outright rejected with 700+ GMATs (even 750+ GMATs). Unless your 2 years of experience is, frankly, jaw dropping stellar and at a BB you probably either need to add in some sweet sixteen schools and one or two sub sweet sixteen safeties.

LBS will provide a free profile review if you contact them. I pretty much guarantee they'll say you need more experience. I will have 6 years at matriculation and they told me it was on the light side for their program.

Mar 16, 2015