As an aspirant investment banker, I have intentions of pursuing a career in investment banking or any such career closely relevant to investment banking. I graduated from an american university that is ranked in the top 40's, along with a year of work experience in investment banking in the form of internships. Although I lack sufficient work experience to apply to any reputable MBA program, I believe that I may have an outside chance at Oxford's Masters in Financial Economics program, as work experience is not required. However, my plight is that my credentials fall slightly short of the required minimum. The minimum GPA required from american candidates is 3.5 GPA; however, my GPA is at a 3.2, although I have shown remarkable improvement throughout the course of my undergraduate career, which I hope will be viewed favorably by the admissions selectors at Oxford. Furthermore, I have noticed that the average gmat score of candidates is in the 90th percentile. Although I am yet to sit the GMAT, I have taken a practice test, which I scored a 590. Given my academic background and the fact that I improve in achieving a sufficiently high GMAT score that would on par with Oxford's standards, would admission at Oxford's MFE program seem conceivably possible. Any feedback would be kindly appreciated.

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Take the GMAT, get a 700+ score - and you ll be ok...Not much to discuss without your gmat score in place.

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Your GPA doesn't necessarily remove you from the process. Depends on your major too but for the fin/econ, you need to up your GMAT consierably.


I am pretty sure that your gpa removes you from the process... They say they only want a 2:1 (3.5 gpa) but in reality 90%+ or even 100% have a so called "First" (3.7+ gpa). Since there are only 30 spots or so to go around, I would say your chances are pretty slim. I think that schools like LBS for their Master in Management do make exceptions for the 3.5 minimum gpa rule, if you pair it with a 700+ GMAT and are amazing otherwise, but overall the british schools are pretty firm on that 3.5 rule.
Why not try your hand at an american Msc Finance? You should actually be able to land something in the top10 range if you get a decent gmat score.

Best of luck to you


I spoke to the person in charge of admissions at Oxford's Financial Economics Program, and whilst she admonished that my application may be at a slight disadvantage, she assured me that I would still be eligible to apply, as a sufficiently high gmat score may be able to suffice for a slightly sub-standard GPA. I sincerely hope that she isn't building a false sense of hope, as that would really be disappointing.


I wonder howit worked out for you akg44 ?


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