Chances of getting placement at Princeton MFin program

Hello guys,

If some of you could evaluate the possibility of me being admitted in the Princeton MFin that would be gorgeous. I took a look at the student profiles and the course seems very competitive.

Currently I am 17 years of age. I started studying Business and Economics at a German state (non-target) university at the age of 13 while still in school in order to extend my knowledge in the field of finance, which has interested me for a long while now. This semester I obtained my B.Sc in Economics and Business with a GPA of around 3.6. The GPA is pulled down by the bad grades I obtained in my first year, where I had to adapt to the university standards. I participated in two internships; The first internship was in the Financial Engineering department of BMW AG in Munich and the second in the HR Management department of SAP SE in the Waldorf headquarters. My GMAT is 760 with 50 points in quant (86%) and 41 points in verbal (94%). The total percentile is 99% (analytical writing and integrated reasoning are 89% and 93% respectively).

I know that it is difficult to evaluate the chances based on solely the information above. Nevertheless I would be very grateful if anyone could offer some insight.
Thanks very much!

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Oct 1, 2017